Hybrid integrated circuit boards

Thick-film technology is based on screen printing of special purpose pastes through a mesh screen. The main print parameter that determines the quality of the print in thick-film technology is the print resolution - the minimum width of the print and the minimum gap between them at a given thickness. The resolution primarily depends on the materials used in the technology and printing conditions. In its production, Fokon LLC. uses the best domestic and imported materials to achieve the result required by the customer. Using the best materials together with excellent equipment and competent staff gives the best result. Upon customer request, Fokon LLC. is ready to manufacture products using photo printing.
Minimum print width, microns
100 (20 upon request)   
Maximum print width, microns
Defined by substrate size
Minimum gap width between prints, microns 100 (20 upon request)
Minimum print thickness, microns
Maximum print thickness, microns
200 (300 upon request)
Maximum particle size in paste, microns  15 (5 upon request)
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