Hybrid integrated circuit boards

Standard structural components are often used in the development of hybrid integrated circuits. Advanced thick-film materials allow to implement a wide range of topological structures, which in turn provide a solution to almost any design idea.

The ability to metallize and fill holes with a conductor, providing breakdown voltages in the interlayer insulator in a wide range of values, creation of specialized coatings for solving assembly problems, production of precision resistors and many other possibilities - this is the potential of modern thick-film technology.

Power and automative electronics
Substrate material
Al2O3 or AlN ceramics
Thickness of ceramic substrate, mm
Size of substrate, mm

From 2х2 to100х100
Metallization type
Single-sided, two-sided and plated-through holes
Conductor thickness, microns
From 20
Standard conductors
Ag, AgPd, AgPt, Au, AgCu and Сu – upon requestу
Conductor thickness after firing, microns
Conductor resistivity, Ω/£ 0,005….0,050
Standard resistors RuO2
Resistor resistivity, Ω/£ 
Resistor accuracy after firing, % ±5
TCR ppm/K ±50…±300(±25 upon request)
Pressed contacts, soldering, bonding

Single-sided boards of hybrid integrated circuits produced by thick-film technology are the first level of complexity. Such boards allow to implement simple electronic components or can provide circuitry with a solid-state IC with the subsequent possibility of sealing in the package. Such boards also allow to implement complex systems with multiple solid-state circuits on one board. In this case, the thick-film technology allows for the implementation of chip interconnections and circuitry.
Two-sided and multi-layer boards of hybrid integrated circuits with metallized holes have found wide application both for creating 3-D systems and multi-chip modules, such microelectronic systems are the most complex embodiment of thick-film technology. In this case, thick-film technology allows for multi-level chip interconnections and circuitry using both direct chip mounting and flip-chip in one system.

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