Heaters and resistors

Production of electronics is impossible without high-quality and reliable resistors, and miniaturization of devices requires the use of resistive assemblies, which give new opportunities to designers in their work. Thick-film technology allows to create high-precision resistors with stable characteristics in a wide range of temperatures and time.

The main parameters of the resistors include their rating value, power and temperature coefficient of resistance. Our technology allows to implement these parameters in a wide range, as shown in the table below. Our company production capabilities allow to employ resistors, including arbitrary geometric shapes to perform non-standard technical tasks.

Electronics, electric engineering 
Substrate material
Polymers, metals Al2O3 or AlN ceramics
Thickness of ceramic substrate, mm
Size of substrate, mm

From 2х2 to100х100 (more size upon request)
Metallization type
Single-sided, plated-through holes 
Conductor thickness, microns
From 20
Standard conductors
Ag, AgPd, AgPt, Au, AgCu and Сu – upon requestу
Conductor thickness after firing, microns
Conductor resistivity, Ω/£ 0,005….0,050
Standard resistors RuO2
Resistor resistivity, Ω/£ 
Resistor accuracy after firing, % ±5
TCR ppm/K ±50…±300(±25 upon request)

The use of advanced materials can significantly increase the temporary stability of precision resistors by applying glass protective coatings after setting the resistor value. This feature allows to completely protect the material of the resistor from environmental influences.
All of the above applies to resistive heaters. Thick-film materials for heaters allow to create heating elements with precise electrophysical and geometric parameters, they are ideal for form factors with limited space and extremely fast response time (heating) - up to 150 ° C / sec. For operating temperatures of heating from zero to 1000 ° C, thick-film technology provides the manufacture of heating elements with exceptional environmental and chemical stability, which is important to extend the product life and reduce the owning cost. Creation of heaters based on polymer bases allows to manufacture products for the temperature range up to 250 0C. The use of metal bases provides the expansion of the operating temperature of the heater to 300 0C, and heaters on ceramic bases can operate up to 1000 0C.

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